Meet Jane

Hi! I'm “Jane”. Also known as Hailey, If you’ve read Kenna’s ‘Meet Lizzy’ you’ll know that she credits her moniker to being so similar to Elizabeth Bennet...and for the record I LET her have it. After all she is the oldest and arguably the sweetest, whereas I am the second oldest, NOT the prettiest, definitely the closest to my father and a little bit more peppery! Not to mention I am very fond of walking and reading! Not only do I have Lizzy’s sharp tongue, I cannot stand the pretentious Carolines of the world and would’ve never given them the benefit of the doubt (a la Jane). I can’t say that I would ever be taken in by Wickham, but I’ve met a Collins or two in my life. However when it comes down to it I let her have Lizzy and that was a very Jane thing to do…

Well Lizzy answered her ?’s so I suppose I must do the same:

1. What is a character flaw of yours?
I tend to be rather harsh on people I feel are disingenuous (a la Lizzy) and I tend to be indecisive about trivialities (Q: Where do you want to eat A: I don't care...etc) Drives the family nuts.

2. What is your favorite color?
Purple!!!! Green is a close runner up, but purple will always take the cake.

3. What is your family life like?
Pretty normal…Awesome parents, awesome sisters…

4. Why Lizzy and Janes?
There is this great quote floating around on Pinterest that pretty much sums it up…”I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares”

5. What are some of your likes?
I too love anything chocolate especially if it contains peanut butter. I love desserts. When I was younger I was thoroughly convinced that the major food groups were (bottom to top) Chocolate, Ice Cream, Bread, Potatoes, Noodles, Chicken & Fruit. I DO NOT love Hallmark Movies. I love TED it is my dream to attend in person one day! I’m not much for goals or schedules, I depend more on intuition and am a procrastination junkie. I love to read and float away into magical worlds were good always triumphs over evil and karma always has the last laugh. I love to garden, especially when I can reclaim a bit of heaven from the weeds that were trying to choke it out. I love architecture. Another dream is to go to Barcelona to see all of Guadi’s Masterpieces in person.

And now onto the Lightening Round...

6. Favorite Vacation Spot: Banff

7. Favorite Food: Chicken Cordon Bleu

8. Favorite Music: Lately… Nitin Swahney, Piano Guys, Olafur Arnalds, Melody Gardot (Update: Check out some of my favorite Songstresses below) 

9. Favorite Kids Movie: WALL-E

10. Favorite Drink: Holunderbl├╝tensaft (Juice made from Elderberry Blossoms...very light & refreshing)

11. Favorite L&J Item: Good Heavens Gwendolyn Pin (PURPLE!)

12. Guilty Pleasure: Bollywood Films

13. Last Movie Watched: Aaja Nachle (Love Leila/Majnu!)

14. Last TV Show Watched: Castle

15. Last Food Easten: Raspberry Muffins

16. Favorite Fruit: Clementines

17. Favorite Candy Bar: 5th Avenue

18. Favorite Season: Spring

19. Favorite Craft Item: Beads

20. Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Get your own Printable here! Thanks Landee See Landee Do!

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