Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mini Bow Clip Tutorial

Looking for a cute & easy Easter craft? Here is a simple tutorial on how to make mini bow clips...perfect for  coordinating with your favorite spring dress!

What you will need:
·         Ruler
·         ~15.5” of 3/8” ribbon
·         Filet Tape (can be bought from online hairbow retailers) or substitute tape with Glue/Needle & Thread 
·         Alligator Clip
·         Fray Check
·         Scissors

Got everything? OK, let's get started!:

1.       Cut ribbon: you will need 5 pieces: ~1”, 2- 3", 4" & 4.5"

2.       Apply Fray Check in a chevron pattern to both ends of one of the 3” pieces, set aside to dry

3.       Cut small piece of filet tape and attach either end to the other 3” ribbon creating a loop

4.       Repeat with a 4” ribbon

5.       Take loops, remove other side of backing from filet tape, center seam and press down to create a stretched figure 8.

6.       Use a small piece of filet tape to adhere the 3” loop to the 4”loop

7.       Take 3” ribbon with fray checked edges and trim the edges into points

8.       Adhere the loops to the bottom ribbon

9.       Take a piece of filet tape and wrap it around the center of all three pieces, remove backing

10.   Take 1” piece and apply to sticky filet tape, trim excess where it meets

11.   Line alligator clip with Filet Tape

12.   Remove backing, carefully apply 4.5” ribbon, trim if necessary (it is easiest to do a small section at a time)

13.   Using small piece of filet tape attach the newly formed bow to the alligator clip

Ta da! You are finished...almost...

14.   Be amazed at your awesome handiwork…you are sooo talented! Lather, rinse, repeat! Now that you are a crafting genius go make more and impress all your friends with the cute clip sets you give them!