Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lizzy or Jane: Facebook Fun

We've started a new Lizzy and Janes tradition on Facebook and we are calling it: Lizzy or Jane?

The concept is easy... guess which Lizzy and Janes creative genius made the item. Your chances are great; fifty-fifty. And all you have to do is leave a comment telling us who you think made the item.
The game will run Monday through Friday of each week and the winner/prize will be announced each Saturday.

Be the first to correctly guess the creative genius and you are the grand prize winner for the week. Prizes will come from our favorite Etsy shops (which would of course include our own Etsy shop too!). Guess correctly anytime throughout the week and get a coupon code good for the month. Guess incorrectly and try again the next week!

Need a hint? Check out the Meet Lizzy and Meet Jane pages to learn about each creative genius and to get some clues as to the style and tastes each has.

We hope you have fun participating (and hopefully winning some) each week and feel free to spread the word and get friends to join in and guess too! May the bestest, fastest guesser win!

Update: Here are some of the prizes we have featured:

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  1. Hey friends, thanks for stopping by. If you have requests for what kinds of prizes you would like to see leave them below!


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