Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Favorites

Meet this week's Friday Favorite: Karramba Designs 

I stumbled across these adorable earrings while browsing on Etsy and I cannot get enough!!!!!! I mean how cute are those Beavers?!?!?! 

Giedre Koloksanskyte, the talented Lithuanian artisan behind Karramba Designs, has 4 pages chock full of awesomeness & attractiveness. This post would be a million miles long if I showed you all my favorites, but here are just a few samples from her Mini Zoo collection:
All her jewelry is made from precious metals & gemstones. You can get dangles or hooks as well as posts, and check these out: 

Yep, she can even make Mosquitoes cute!!!
One my personal favorites: 
Aren't the Hedgehogs just precious!
The adorable creatures never end! She has Octopuses, Hummingbirds, Hippos, Moose, Lions, Goats, Parrots & Foxes, she has mythical creatures like those adorable Dragons and even plants like Bamboo & Beets, she has rings and pendants, pins & bracelets! You name it, she has it - and if she doesn't she will be happy to make it for you! 

Check her out on :

I know I am going to have to start a collection, but where to start!!! Which are your favorite???
View her entire shop HERE

All images © Giedre Koloksanskyte

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  1. I am in love! Great pick for Friday Favorites Jane! xo - Lizzy


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