Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Move over Pinterest! For all those of you who have not heard of Tophatter.com this is a little introduction to your next great addiction. Tophatter.com is an online auction site, but unlike eBay this little beauty is LIVE!

I think I first ran into Tophatter thanks to an intriguing Facebook ad. (I don't EVER click on those things...this was special!) When I clicked I was transported to a animated auction complete with a jaunty English (cough!) AuctioneeSir Wendell Wattington! After a quick registration screen and a $5 bonus credit I was let loose upon the auction. Admittedly I was not very confident about my grasp on the whole process so I took a quick detour to their tutorial link (check the bottom of the screen), to make sure I didn't miss any important details. It was relatively straightforward: Yes, this is a real auction (not a game), here is some terminology, here is how you bid, look you can chat!, etc. Reassured by the simplicity of it all I returned to the auction and was completely fascinated for the next...oh who am I kidding I didn't keep track of the time! 

It was just so much fun! The chat was the greatest, people were cheering each other on, asking the sellers questions, requesting different colors, sizes, etc. It moves along at a steady clip, but no worries if you see something in the sidebar you would like to bid on you can set a text message alert that will remind you that your item is coming up. Checkout is simple (you pay the sellers directly through Paypal). Best of all there are tons of categories, so there is always something for someone. I have seen as many as 5 auctions at any given time; Jewelry, Supplies & the Daily Bazaar are always a hit, but then there are more specialized auctions... be sure to check out the Edibles for some tasty treats, and keep your eyes open for fan-themed auctions like Downton Abbey, Hunger Games & Doctor Who. They publish the auction schedule a week in advance and sellers add their lots throughout the week so you can browse through an set alerts on your favorite items. Not only do they offer special credits and discounts now and again, Tophatter requires all sellers to start the bids at least 50% below retail so you can get a steal of a deal! 

My favorite purchase to date is an adorable handmade zippered clutch featuring Stewart the Owl by Cuore. Amazing design, quality construction, purple is my favorite & Stewart is just too precious! 

Image property of Cuore 

Have you seen this before? That's right its from Etsy! Tons of sellers are from the Etsy Community. They go there to test out new product or get rid of old inventory or just to reach out to those who have not yet been bitten by the Etsy bug!

Be sure to stop by for a visit and say hello to Wendell, Bartelby, Bancroft and the whole gang and join us for some fun and some great swag!

Lizzy & Janes will be selling in tomorrow's Accessories Auction at 9:00 AM Pacific! Be sure to stop by and say Hello! 

Reserve is $3 so get it while its hot!

You can also get a chance to bid on one of Cuore's other fabulous creations: Boris, BBQ & Wendy!
Be sure to check out these & all her latest Spring Creations at http://www.cuore.typepad.com/ 

Boris the Bulldog
Image property of Cuore  
BBQ the Dachshund
Image property of Cuore 
Wendy the Owl
Image property of Cuore 

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