Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recycled Container Headband Holder Tutorial (Say it 5 times fast!)

Well, I thought I would share a new tutorial for you on how to make your own Headband Holder out of recycled containers! It is super easy. Most likely you have something that would work lying around your house already! The best part is you are being GREEN (and we are loving anything green this month :).

The materials you will need:
-A Round Recycled (hopefully) Container (oatmeal or formula cans work best)
-Mod Podge
-Sponge Brush
-Paper to Cover Your Container (I used 2 pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper)
-Paper Trimmer/Cutter or Scissors
-Newspaper or Plastic Tablecloth (to protect your working surface)

Helpful Hint: Check your measurement with the lid removed for accuracy.
 Every container is going to be slightly different. But my container measured 7.25" in length.

Helpful Hint: Once you have cut your pieces of paper hold them up to the container to make sure they will fit snuggly onto the container.

Once you have your two pieces of paper cut and you have checked them to make sure they will work well you can move onto the next step.

Helpful Hint: Keep the Mod Podge to a minimum, you want enough for the paper to stick, but too much and the paper will start to bubble and wrinkle. You can also try a thicker paper to eliminate bubbles/ripples. You will also want to move directly to the next step so the glue will not have time to dry.

Helpful Hint: Because your pieces of paper will overlap one another, you will need to add Mod Podge to the overlapping sections (as seen above). Getting glue on top of your paper is not a problem and any glue that is visible will dry to clear.

Helpful Hint: Again, you will want to keep the Mod Podge to a minimum when coating the top of the paper to eliminate bubbles/ripples in the paper.

Step 10 is more like an encouragement, but I have lost many a sponge brush due to dried glue/paint and then it is very difficult to salvage.

Simple, right?!

Look how great it looks finished and in use! You don't even have to get fancy with the paper, because it looks so cute with the headbands on it!

Well this is just one great way you can recycle some of those containers you have lying around your house but I will be posting MORE TUTORIALS on variations of this and more ways to store accessories using your recycled containers - so start saving them now!

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