Friday, August 17, 2012

Finally Friday!

Reunited and it feels so good! (Thank you Peaches & Herb for providing the soundtrack to today's blog post.) Well I am ExCiTeD to finally be able to say that Jane has finally made her way 1,000 miles (maybe more because they took several scenic routes) across the country to join me in the great state of Utah! It's about time this day finally come! 

Jane is going back to school to finish her degree and although she will still be about 100 miles away from me (Lizzy), that is about 92% closer than she was in Minnesota, which means I am 92% happier to have my sister and business-partner close by. 

What does this mean for the blog?
 Well, first off it means that it pretty much took a header this week because the responsibility fell almost solely on me. And of course this week was chaotic and I couldn't seem to get my ducks in a row to put together a decent post. (Some of you might be thinking, well Wednesday was fun to see the bridesmaids sporting L&J custom hairclips, but you can thank Jane for putting that together before she hit the road.) 

Secondly, we hope to be able to get together (in person!) about once a month to work on some things for the blog and for the Etsy shop. This will allow us to be a little more hands on with our projects, swap needed materials, take pics for each other and of each other (which is amazing because do you know how difficult it can be to get a good photo of yourself using a camera phone or dinky digital camera, oy with the poodles). So we are stoked. 

We have some posts and fun projects we will be implementing thanks to this most awesome transition and we have some fun pen pal interactions we will be documenting along with a nail polish swap we will be gushing about in mid-September. So we have lots that we are excited to share in the near future and hope you will forgive our blah week of blogging (for my sake anyhow). 

Happy Friday! 
xo - Lizzy

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