Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Weirdisms

Okay this might seem like an odd topic, but hey the word weird is right in the title. I was thinking about all the weird things I do/think that make me uniquely me. I thought it was worth posting about because I think some of them are kinda funny, even though they are so ME!  

Numero Uno:
I drink an obscene amount of milk. It is my favorite beverage and I drink close to a gallon a day, which is expensive and most people find extremely odd. Lots of people tell me they can only drink milk with something, such as cereal, desserts, chocolate, etc. Nope, I drink it all day, every day and when we run out, it is as if the world is ending and I don't know what I am going to do with myself. On a positive note: my bones are strong, like ninja strong.

Numero Two:
I do not believe in making the bed. It makes no sense to me that we make our bed only to mess it up again that night. And I get it, we do several things daily that get un-done again, but this one just doesn't make sense to me. Does it look prettier? Yes. Do I like the look of a bed that is nicely made? Yes. Will I still teach my kids to make their beds? Yes. But still, I don't believe it makes sense to spend valuable time each day doing something so silly.

Number Tres:
I am an organization freak. I can spend hours and hours on end organizing something to death. I especially like making plans and to-do lists and filling in my calendar. I actually get myself into trouble because I spend so much time organizing a project that I put off doing it, because I plan and re-plan and organize it and never actually get to doing it. Plus - I am great at organization. Minus - It gets in the way of doing.

Number Four:
Nails. I am weird about nails. I like my nails short. If they start to grow out, I have to cut them or they drive my nuts. I also can't handle chipped nail polish. If it starts to chip I have to keep picking at the polish until the polish is gone or remove it with nail polish remover if I have some handy.

Numero Cinco:
I do not like writing with a pen that has blue ink. I like black ink or colored pens. Call me crazy, I just don't love blue ink. The end.

Number Six: I LOVE to vacuum. I love the look of vacuum lines on the carpet. I love having freshly vacuumed carpets. It is my favorite 'chore' by far. My daughter is terrified of the vacuum and therefore I try to be concious of her fear and schedule my vacuuming around her sleepy time, but I really would vacuum every room in my house on a daily basis if it didn't totally traumatize my boo-boo.

On a random note: I am LOVING the song Just a Game by Birdy!

Random Pic I Just LOVE

This ends the weirdness. Happy Hump Day! xo - Lizzy

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  1. You forgot that you randomly switch between english and spanish...I think you have every combo in there...haha. Weirdo!


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