Friday, August 10, 2012

High Five for Friday: Lizzy

Okay I have lots to be grateful for this week, but I will share just a few highlights of my week that made it memorable and fun!

1) The most memorable night of the week was Family Movie Night. It was an impromptu night of fun that started as an idea to watch a movie as a family and turned into us making a 'bed' on the family room floor with tons of blankets and pillows and having us snuggle as we watched Kung Fu Panda and had pizza. We ordered from Dominoes and can I just say their parmesan bites and cinnamon bread with icing was DELIGHTFUL! It was so fun having our little pumpkin snuggled in between us, laughing and having fun, one-on-one with mom and dad. These are memories you just can't re-create. Awwww.

2) We went to a free class held at our local library called Music & Movement. It's a class for toddlers and young children designed to help them with coordination and movement and following directions and it was so much fun! Although our daughter didn't follow the cues very well (she's still pretty young), she had a blast and was all smiles, running around and laughing and enjoyed being around other small people. :) We had so much fun, we are going back for more in a couple weeks!

3) Monday was duel dentist appointments for my husband and I. And I am proud to announce we are both cavity free, which is the best feeling ever and makes me more and more excited the more appointments I go in a row without any extra dental work. I can't even remember the last time I had an appointment with a cavity and that makes me SUPER happy. More teeth in my mouth, more money in my pocket. Yes!

4) I love FREE which is why we took advantage of Ikea's free breakfast they offer on Monday mornings. We had a ton of fun getting there first thing in the morning to get our free bacon,eggs and hash brown breakfast. The bonus was I also got a couple chocolate bars (not free) out of it. Gooooo Ikea! You rock.

5) I know this might seem silly, but I am seriously in LOVE with the mini bow hairclips I made my daughter and posted about earlier this week. They are so stinkin' cute, I just cannot get over it. I am so jazzed about how easy and adorable they are, that I already have plans to make them for my niece and my friend who is having a baby girl in a month or so. Plus, my daughter's hair is getting long and is always in her eyes, but I just can't cut her beautiful baby fine hair yet, so this is the perfect solution and she has been rocking them all week. Three cheers for mini bow hairclips! Hip hip horray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip Hoorayy!


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  1. Your blog is so cute. I'm glad I found it, and glad I can advertise you this month :) I took my little sister to one of those Music & Movement classes once - she didn't get it at all, but still loved running around, not paying attention, and just grinning.



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