Friday, August 31, 2012

High Five for Friday!


High five for Friday, because this has been a great week! Five of my highlights:

1. J-O-B
After much anticipation and months and months of job interviews and rejections and offers that came in way too low, my hubs has a new job! Woohoo. We are both so excited and this means much more peace of mind and lots to look forward to in the future! Yeah!

2. Caramel Brownies
There is not a whole lot to say about this one because the name speaks for itself, but let's just say I should have made a couple pans of caramel brownies, because one pan just did not last long enough!

3. Vacuum Bag
Sometimes its the small things that make a big difference in life, and this week a new vacuum bag in my vacuum was like manna from heaven. It doesn't smell musty when I vacuum and I feel like my vacuum transformed into the Dyson 1 million point awesome version because the suction is unreal. Thanks two dollar vacuum bag for transforming my life and carpets this week!

4. Family
We had a family BBQ with extending family which is always fun and I am just super grateful for family in general. My parents are in town for an extended visit and it is so nice seeing them on a regular basis and my little pumpkin just can't get enough of nana and papa. I am loving having Jane 98% closer and we had fun staying up late and catching up on movies. Family rocks!

5. Bountiful Basket
I ordered my Bountiful Basket (after taking a break) - it is a produce co-op and it is amazing. You order your basket for $15 on Monday and Saturday morning you go pick up your 'basket' full of 1/2 veggies and 1/2 fruits (in season and locally grown). You get a ton of produce and its always a surprise what you will get which makes it fun and more of a challenge when planning your menu for the upcoming week. I am super excited to pick up my basket on Saturday morning!

So, that is my high five! Happy Friday and enjoy your nice, long holiday weekend!


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  1. need me a caramel brownie!

    Have a wonderful day! stop by and say hello! :)


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