Friday, August 3, 2012

High Five for Friday

I thought this week I would finally get my act together and join the High Five for Fridays crowd in celebrating 5 things I loved about this week:

1. Last day of work!:

Now I have a week to get all packed up & headed off to school - Yeah! - Someday you'll look back on your decision to go to college and laugh.
P.S - Do you know how hard it is to find an e-card about college that doesn't involve getting drunk/sleeping around???

2. Mad ok fine...Basic Sewing Skills:

I bought this Beeeautiful shirt from Idylle Clothing, unfortunately it was roughly the size of a small tent. (I ordered a Large it was seriously what I would expect from a XXL). The customer service was awesome....but they only had large left in this style. Well I didn't want any other style I wanted THIS style... so I whipped out my sewing machine and did my best not to completely butcher it. It is Modal so it is super-duper soft, but not that easy to work with since it stretches like a Yogi. I took up the neckline about 2.5" and ruched the sides. Now instead of a tent I have a boho tunic. WINNING!

3. Arm Par-tay!:

I was so excited to get started I made my swap partner 4 bracelets and I made me these 3. I'm addicted, it was so fun. I really love the one in the was inspired by the delicate bracelets of Jungwha.

4. Olympics!!!

Okay so I know I wasn't watching any of them truly live...but I seriously feel like Team USA's good luck charm. Every single event that I have watched Team USA has gotten Gold, won their match or qualified for the final. I love the games, and especially love the huge smiles that come after they've won & all the hard work has paid off!

5. Face Masks

I just love taking the time to pamper myself. Face masks, manicures, hair masks, anything remotely spa-esque! Last night I did the Burning Mask (doesn't burn for me despite my sensitive skin) I found on My Yellow Sandbox. I brewed me a cup of peach detox herbal tea and watched the US kick some Olympic trash (just kidding I love you rest of the world). Next week after a stop at Trader Joe's I am planning on doing the coconut oil hair mask I found on Paisley Boulevard...her hair looked awesome!

Okay so that is my H54F whats yours??? Be sure to link up with us!


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