Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Try Something Tuesday!

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Welcome to Try Something Tuesday! The Tuesday where we encourage you to try something new. We don't want to just talk the talk, so I tried something I've never done before... I made some Mini Bow Clips following the tutorial that we (ok... Jane) posted in March (see below).

The Original Tutorial

It was super easy to follow the tutorial instructions and I would highly recommend that you make several at a time. You have to get your supplies out for one, you might as well make a bunch. Plus, they are SO cute and I did try a "variation" and did thicker wire ribbon (pink polka dot) and it turned out so cute, so you can easily experiment with other ribbons and thicknesses to make them one-of-a-kind.

The results (ta-dah):

I made four color sets with two clips in each set (so I can do pig tails or braids and have a clip for each, plus knowing my daughter, it is a real possibility that we could lose one). Then I did a variation bow clip using thicker wire ribbon. I still covered the hairclip in pink grosgrain ribbon, but the rest was done in the wire ribbon. I also had the idea to alternate two colors within the same clip, but I didn't get to experiment as much as I would have liked to. I do LOVE the way they turned out and the possibilities are endless. So, make sure to re-visit the original tutorial and let it inspire your Tuesday and try something new!

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