Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/11 Good Deeds

So everyone how was your day yesterday? Did you attend any memorials or mark the day with anything special? Hopefully you heard about the 9/11 Tribute Movement, where each person was encouraged to pledge a good deed in honor of the day. All the pledges were combined into a giant digital quilt that you can browse here.

I pledged to donate my afternoon to helping can vegetables for needy families. It was the most physically demanding service opportunity I have ever experienced and I have a new appreciation for anyone who works on an assembly line (not easy!). My shoulders and back were so sore and my feet were aching, but it was well worth it to provide needy families with non-perishable food items and it was extremely rewarding to know I was doing it in honor of those lost in 9/11. It made the three and a half hours of discomfort totally bearable knowing it was for such a great cause!

I pledged to serve my roommates. I washed everyone's dishes, tidied up and vacuumed. It was just something small, but I tried to take every opportunity this week to help people out around me, whether it be helping them with directions, saying thank you or helping them out on a project.  Hopefully we can all work together to make this world a better place, one good deed at a time!

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  1. Wow, that is so awesome. I haven't heard of that movement or of this challenge to do one good deed. I really wish I had heard of it. That is such a great idea and a great way to give back.
    I wanted to let you know that Heather from Lawless Life is hosting a giveaway on my blog and it is seriously an awesome giveaway. When she told me what all she wanted to do for the giveaway my jaw just dropped. An adorable hat and side cross bracelet, PLUS $20 credit to her scentsy store, PLUS $20 credit to her Thirty-One store! Crazy. Well the giveaway is almost up, so you should definitely check it out. :)
    Talk to ya later.


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