Thursday, September 6, 2012

Current Crush: Peaceful Solitude

So since moving into a dorm, all I have been craving is some peace & quiet. I thought that having a private room would be enough, but the paper-thin walls & my flatmates have shown me the error of my ways.

Aren't they just beautiful!!! Ahhh...I would love to be able to curl up with a good book - hammock,'s all good. Or just chill in my pad like that awesome frog (seriously, how cute is that!). That bath looks like heaven itself - mine is rather cramped and blah. And it would be seriously awesome if I had a chance to catch-up on all your blogs (I miss your awesomeness & creativity and could seriously use your humor right about now!). Anyway hopefully I can find a nice balance soon.

Anyway I hope you will join up with Kristin at The Wright Stuff our new host for this months Current Crush:

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  1. I love these images! I could easily imagine myself there right now... I could use an escape from reality :)

  2. hehe I would love to press pause and do any one of these activities! lol I know how crazy dorm life is. I will admit though, I would probably be one of the crazies that would keep you awake all hours of the night! Just bein' real. lol Following you now via GFC. Hope to connect more with ya soon :D

  3. I am an natural lover of silence and just chilling. We all need it every once in awhile. Just to charge up again. Saying hi from CCT. I'm a new follower ;)


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