Friday, November 16, 2012

Halloween Recap

Hi L&J Readers, 
Lizzy here. I am happy to introduce our newest blog addition. A guest contributor and the youngest of us sisters. The creative and talented mama of two, living and loving in Colorado. Welcome 'Kitty'!

Before we get too far into the Thanksgiving season which I am so excited about I want to recap some of the awesome Halloween projects we did this year!! I am a big "pinaholic" so I tried to accomplish as many Halloween pins as I could on a budget. Luckily my husband was building some walls in our basement and he had some left over supplies that I could craft away with. Here are some of my favs: 

This pinterest find was super easy and a lot of fun! I bought an inexpensive white picture frame from hobby lobby and a ball of string. Then I took out the glass and propped up the prongs on the back of the frame. Then I tied the string around one of the prongs and started making my web! I used every combination of prongs to make sure I got the web to look symmetrical, to make sure the sting would not slide off the prongs I put a ball of hot  glue on top of each prong. And done!

Here is the finished product on our front door!

Next are these mummy jars! Also easy as can be!

My daughter wanted to make one for each member of our family Dad, Mom, Her, and Little brother. Even Nanna, Pappa, Oma and Bacca got their own jars. These are just mason jars from the dollar store, a pack of sterile gauze wraps from Walmart, and a package of crazy eyes from hobby lobby! For each jar instead of putting a tea light in there and burning myself trying to light them I bought the battery operated tea lights from the dollar store to go in the bottom of the jars. 

Next was the easiest of all the pins. I loved this idea however I did my shopping for the project too close to halloween and my options were limited as to the variety of pumpkins that were available. 

These are just foam pumpkins from Michaels wrapped in tule and tied at the top with ribbon. I saw this idea on pinterest with both orange and white pumpkins, and I must say the white pumpkins did look better. I made two in this bigger size and then three in a smaller size. 

This is my attempt at a cute fall wreath! This was a lot cuter on pinterest.

Here is the set up all together.

I wanted the inside of the house to be just as festive as the outside so I made these fake blood candles by dripping wax from a red candle onto the edges of a white candle.

Then I placed them next to vases with halloween filler and tea lights. 

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