Tuesday, November 13, 2012

L&J Goes Green

I LOVE sharing about a good cause. And I have a new cause I just have to share with you! Okay, really it is not new. Recycling has been around forever. But, what I stumbled upon will transform your recycling! Plus, this is the perfect month to focus on giving back to mother earth, because we should all be thankful for the wonderful blessing the earth is to each of us. But, I should start at the beginning. 

My precious laptop was seriously injured in an accident recently. [Not sure if I can actually claim it as an accident, but I digress.] So, I was looking online for places local to me that I can properly dispose of/recycle my laptop. I was searching online and found a site. 

It was such a fabulous site. You can simply search for a recycling facility near you, and it is not limited to laptop computers, they have categories for batteries, paint, glass, gardening materials, construction supplies and equipment. The possibilities will amaze you! The site also gives specific information for the recycling facility, so you don't have to do a bunch of additional research. Plus, it has some great articles on being green, ways to recycle, recent news pertaining to recycling and taking care of mother earth. Go to the site and bookmark it now! You will thank me, when you have some odd item you need to recycle and no clue where to take it!

Another bonus of finding this gem of a website is that I learned that, 'America Recycles Day' is in two days! Ahhhh. You can search for local events taking place in honor of this day, you can pledge to make a difference by finding out what items you can recycle locally and making a pledge to recycle more within the next month!

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on over to Earth911.org and pledge to make a difference and find out how you can be the change in your community to help make recycling an issue that gets the attention it deserves! 

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