Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

How was everyones Thanksgiving? Ours was pretty good, I took some pictures so you can check it out!

Here is how our table was set up Pre-Dinner

Here was our setting

Here is our pie, HOMEMADE!
It turned out really good!!

Here is our YUMMY Turkey!

Here is our homemade pull apart bread!

Here is our Mashed Potatoes!

 Here is our Green Bean Casserole

Here is our gravy! Pulls it all together!!

Corn! I never knew how much this completes the meal until we ran out of our left overs and it just was not the same!!

 And my favorite part!!!! The stuffing (dressing). I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

So that was our Thanksgiving meal! Then we relaxed for a little bit and went out black friday shopping. 

Have you seen the Walmart commercials this year, the one where the ladies run into each other and they are so polite and sweet! hahahahaha NOTHING LIKE THAT!!! It looked like a mosh pit at a rock concert. I wasn't really there for anything important so it was a waste! While I was fighting off the wolves, My husband and Mother-in-law went to Toys R Us to get some door buster toys for the kids. They said it was very civilized and they got goodie bags of toys for waiting in line and everything. Then we all met up at Target. This was much better than Wally World! We stood in line outside, it wash't too cold, then they let in a few people at a time, once the doorway was cleared they would let in a few more. We got some great deals. We bought iPod Touch's for our kids. Towels for the house, some clothes and PJ's for the family and when we were done we walked straight to an open  register it was way too easy!! Then we dropped off my Mother-in-law and things from the 1st 3 stores and went to best buy! WOW that was a lot of people. We got Apple TV a flash drive and the best deals of the night Iron Man 2 and Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows both on Blu-Ray for 3.99 each!!! 

How was your Thanksgiving?

What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Did you participate in the madness that is Black Friday?

If so what was your best deal?

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