Friday, November 16, 2012

High Five Friday!

High Five!!

#1 My son turned 2!! Yay, bring on the terrific twos! I love this age, it's right when they can start to talk and tell you what they want and don't want in words that are easy to understand and they have SO much imagination and energy! I am so glad that he has hit this fun and exciting milestone!

#2 Monday we had a little party for Liam and invited some of our friends over for cake and ice cream (and caramel brownies for the adults). It was nice to spend some time with some great friends. Since we moved in June we have been welcomed with open arms by so many people and it was nice to return the invitation.

#3 I learned how to make homemade bread from scratch, no mix, no box. We used freshly ground wheat flour and everything! I cannot believe how easy it was and this bread is like to die for!!!! So good

#4 I got to have a girls night with some of the greatest ladies!!! It was so much fun! We went to go see Breaking Dawn Part 2......which brings me to my last but not least #5

#5 Breaking Dawn Part 2 was EPIC!!! No spoilers here sorry! Just a superfan in love with the books and in like with the movies. The final movie actually lived up to the legacy of the book! I am still freaking out about how good I thought it was. Sad that it took till the 5th movie to be as good as the books but I am glad we ended on a good note! Now next I just have to read The Host before the movie comes out!

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