Tuesday, July 10, 2012

First Blog Post Ever

So Colleen over at Paisley Boulevard. thought it would be fun if everyone re-hashed their very first blog post ever. For me that was not so long ago - in fact it was the end of January. We were getting serious about launching our Etsy shop and all the message boards said that you needed to blog. Okay so we'll blog. I knew zilch about blogging. The only blogs I had even ever seen were from personal friends who basically used it as a photo album when they first got married or had a baby and never updated again.

Just within the last month I've dug a little deeper & found the real blogosphere & WOW it is night & day! No wonder people want to blog & to read blogs! It has been amazing to enter the wonderful world of blogging and to "meet" all the fabulous, amazing gals (& a couple guys) who shape it. Thanks to their wonderful examples I am starting (just starting!) to get the hang of this - baby steps. Anyway without further ado here are our first 2 blog posts:

1. Launch Sweepstakes (That's right never even heard of Rafflecopter- OY!)
2. Flowers, anyone?

Chances are if you are reading this you came from the link-up...But if not be sure to join our hosts:

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  1. Thanks for following www.boys-oh-boys.com! I am a new follower of your lovely blog! I must say your flowers are beautiful!! If I had a little girl, I would snatch up hundreds of them!


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