Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Check out the RevolutionizeHer Community Launch!

So today was the launch of an awesome new site called RevolutionizeHer - an awesome platform for women to connect, share ideas, and get encouragement or advice to reach their goals.

From their blog:
RevolutionizeHer is a community built around the everyday woman who is looking for a place to share her story of following her dreams. It is for the wives, mothers, students, or working women. It is for women who are aspiring to be better in all aspects of life. For women who are learning to love themselves and be comfortable in their own skin.

There are many messages out in the world telling women what they can and cannot do. RevolutionizeHer was made to challenge those ideals and to help women see that it’s okay to be who they are and reach for their goals. This community is meant to help empower and motivate women whether it be to celebrate her successes, work through her frustrations, build up an idea, get or give advice, or just to get some encouragement.

RevolutionizeHer is there every step of the way to help women know they are not alone.

You got it...If you need support, someone to bounce ideas off of, or perhaps you would like to network with someone in your profession or a blogger or shop owner in your area? Stop on by and sign up! No matter who you are or what your goal is there is a place for you, some one to inspire or to be inspired by. Every one of us has something to contribute. Women need other women and here is the perfect place to find a need and fill a need.

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Where you can find RevolutionizeHer:
Main site:

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