Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Favorites: Jane's Faves

Hey bloggy friends! How was your Fourth?

Mine sucked...I was stuck in bed all day with a migraine. Usually the Fourth rocks I love fireworks, and always try to at least do sparklers...but can you imagine trying to do them with a migraine...the acrid smell and the bright light - absolute torture! I have such awesome memories from when I was little. My Grandpa's birthday is on the 3rd so when we lived nearby the whole family would get together and sleep out under the stars in his backyard. Then we would all wake the next morning and have a huge breakfast. I heard that about half of the family was there this year & I was really sad I was so far away. Next Year I will just have to make up for it!

Anyway enough of the negative vibes lets bring on the goodness with a random sampling of things I love:

Dove Visibly Smooth Bath & Body Works 'Need a Margarita' Body Wash Warm Apple Cider Lip Gloss Pure Beech Sheets exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond Danskin Now CaprisTOMS Classics in Olive    

So my favorite Deodorant is Dove Visibly Smooth in Nature Fresh. It's IMPOSSIBLE to find in stores now and I CAN find it on Amazon, but since I am saving up to return to school I just am not willing to pay $5 a stick....tears. It was PERFECT it worked well and smelled awesome, but now I can only find it's not-so-awesome-smelling twin (Wild Rose) in stores- such a disappointment. I seriously would have used it for the rest of my life.

Best smelling Body Wash EVER: Bath & Body Works - True Blue "Need a Margarita" Body Wash
Seriously who needs the real thing - this one is intoxicating enough! If you are ever just having a rough day and you need to feel better - unless someone has died, this will probably do the trick! Its $13.00 a bottle but it lasts forever and B&BW has great sales so snatch some up next time you go, because unfortunately scents come & go - you never know when they are going to discontinue your favorites which brings me to my next fave...

C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine Warm Apple Cider No. 655 I bought one of these for my stocking two Christmases ago and fell in LOVE! I went to the after-Christmas sale and they had exactly 5 left...guess how many I bought...Thats right 5! The had a slightly different twist on it this year and I HATED it - no where near as good. My Sister lost the one I gave her in her stocking, so I gave her one of mine, but it was an intense internal battle:

Me: I love my sister, I'll give her one of mine
Other Me: But we'd only have 4 left, they're not really EXTRA - we want them!
Me: But not sharing the awesomeness would be a crime + how would you feel if you had lost yours and YOUR sister wouldn't share?
Other Me: {eye roll} Okay, fine take it!

Even when I am feeling good I am a sucker for anything soft and these Pure Beech Sateen Sheets are SOFT! I bought a set in Plum around 2005 and these are still my go-to sheets. They have a pretty sheen, wear amazingly well and are sooooo soft! They are made from Modal (aka Beechwood) which is sustainably sourced and pesticide/toxin-free! Oh and did I mention they are soft!!

Danskin Now Womens Knit Capri Pant Ok so you won't make the cover of Vogue wearing these, but you will be terribly when your stuck in bed with migraine and everything sucks - at least you can be comfortable. I own a couple pair...add a messy braid and a headwrap and you have a "Hot Mess".

...and last but not least TOMS Olive Canvas Women's Classics. I love all TOMS. I have this pair but if I won the lottery (which would be a miracle considering I don't play) I would buy a pair of classics in nearly every color/design, half the wedges, and a pair of the ballet flats (I heard they aren't comfy, but they are still cute)!

What are your faves? Link up over at Discovery Street!


  1. Great favorites!!! :) I love the Toms!

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