Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Try Something Tuesday: T-shirt Makeovers

So a friend of mine was asking for some DIY T-shirt ideas and being the helpful friend that I am, I found no less than 18 different awesome tutorials! Since my Mommy taught me nice people share, I thought I would post them here for all you wonderful people!

Okay girls now gather all your hubby's blah t-shirts and a pair of scissors, find one (or ten) you think looks cute and hop to it!  And don't forget to Instagram your awesome, super-chic new tees and send them our way! (No seriously Jane is @wall0635 & Lizzy is @caliangelat52)

Click on the picture to be taken to the tutorial (one awesome blog Tea Rose Home contributed 7 tutorials to this lovely collection - can we say TALENT!). Just browsing? Hover over the picture to see the Blog it came from!

Made by LexMade by Sarah 

Enjoy your revamped wardrobe!


  1. I am having creativity overload! This is a great post and I actually was going to look for some tshirt DIY for a cool mens shirt I just picked up at walmart... you are reading my mind!!!

    xo Teresa

  2. I just want to go get a bunch of my shirts and make them into pretty much all of these now. Too fun!

    - ashley

  3. I love ruffles on shirts! Since I am not so handy with a sweing machine I had to buy some :) I got them at Hollister with a major discount, hooray! :D x

  4. Lizzy and Jane!!!!!... IDK WHAT IN THE WORLD I'm gonna do with you with the two of you and all these fantabulous shirts...I want each and every last one of them...I'm officially mad at the both of you for introducing me to these.

    Be Blessed, Ladies <3

    1. Hopefully you'll forgive us when you look at your fabulous re-vamped wardrobe!

  5. Love the ruffles. This just gave me great ideas because I don't wear plain t shirts :-) Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. I look forward to reading more of yours.

    1. Glad we could share some Pinspiration!


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